How to Stay Positive During COVID-19 Times

With the pandemic continuously taking lives all over the world, staying optimistic and positive can prove to be very challenging and for some people, even impossible.

Due to the harsh effects of the coronavirus, even people who have the sunniest dispositions in life might find it hard to maintain a positive outlook.

Nursing your sense of optimism in the midst of isolation and social distancing, constant and dystopian news regarding the virus, uncertainties, gripping fear, and potential income loss needs constant mindfulness and conscious effort.

If you are having a hard time to keep a positive attitude and nurture positive thoughts, here are some tips on how to stay positive during COVID-19 times.

Always Be Grateful

Life may seem bleak and hopeless now but there are still a lot of things you should be thankful for. Perform a quick gratefulness meditation every morning or keep your own gratefulness journal. Take note of both small and big things you are grateful for.

The important things may include your shelter, your family and friends, your health, having enough food to eat and other essentials. The small things may be the momentary pleasures such as a good book, a calming bath, a hot cup of coffee, or even a funny meme. Make sure you include all the details possible in your gratefulness practice.

Spend Time for Relaxation

Check your muscles on a regular basis. Breathe and relax if your jaw or shoulders feel tensed or if you are frowning. Make it your habit to do quick scans of your body all day long. You have to be aware of your entire body, your breathing and your muscles. Through this, it will be easier for you to make mindfulness a constant part of your everyday life.

Take It Slow

Never rush into everything you see, such as concluding about those details you see from the news or stuff that you hear from other people. Hurrying and speeding things up shouldn’t have a space in your life right now.

One advantage of social isolation is the chance to pace yourself and free yourself from some of your usual anxieties. Improve and pay attention to your awareness by being more mindful. To do this, you .just need to stay in the moment. Focus on every single detail around you, such as sounds and scents. Listen to your inner voice by lowering the sound of your thoughts.

Add Laughter and Humor to Your Day

It is one of the best steps on how to stay positive during COVID-19 times to improve your positivity and benefit from a more optimistic point of view. There are already lots of studies that confirmed the long term and short term benefits that laughter can give both to your mind and body. There are good reasons why they say that laughter is the best medicine as it can stimulate your body organs to reduce your stress levels, make your immune stronger, improve your blood circulation and even relieve physical pain.

Don’t hesitate to learn and master the above tips on how to stay positive during COVID-19 times. Keep your faith and hope that the best is yet to come.

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