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motivation to study

Motivation to Study

“Get it done. Go out there and do what you’re supposed to do. It’s the matter most students have – they negotiate with procrastination. And at first, it’s difficult to overcome. But the more you do it, the more you make yourself study even when you don’t feel like it, the easier it will become. Get up and go and study.”


How much time do you spend every day debating with yourself whether you should go and study or procrastinate a little longer well let me give you some advice sometimes you have to ignore what you’re feeling and go through the motions you might feel like watching TV you might feel like doing something you might not feel like doing something and instead of not doing it.


Just go ahead and go through the emotions get it did get out there and do what you’re supposed to do it’s the issue most understudies have they haggle with delaying and from the outset it’s hard to survive yet the more you do it, the more you make yourself study in any event when you don’t feel like it the easier it will become get up and go and explore we all know the students that complain about their grades they make excuses why they couldn’t achieve higher but because they’re making excuses they blame everyone else but themselves.


So, if you don’t do anything about it, if you don’t fix anything, if you don’t improve anything, they continue getting the same grades if all you do is complain nothing’s going to happen in your life by being obsessed over your future be consumed by the possibilities the super-successful don’t stop when they hit their targets they reset and go again that dream is not going to sit there and wait for you to come and get it you’ve got to chase it as a man possessed.


You’ve got to go and get it so what are you doing about it you’ve got to take action with your studying find a solution to your problem don’t be the problem for every step there is an equal and opposite reaction if you increase your studying by 50% your grades are also likely to increase and if they don’t then find out why you.


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