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I had asked people what are their goals and they’re like oh I want to go to the gym more that’s not a goal that’s a habit people like I want to get in better shape that’s not specific it’s got to be like a target something you can hit and how you build that in your mind the vision, it’s very important as you bombard your subconscious and many you’re doing mind movies or vision boards things like that but to really ingrain this into your being is going to be key and so I love this phrase this is the ultimate self-development formula that you’ve all heard before we do have and so what you want to have that’s your goals but all that’s supported by your habits your rituals your standards your story your state is all the things that you’re doing.

Of course we’re human beings and so it’s all in the context of who you be because two people can do the same things have the same habits have the same job have the same script you know have the same goals but one person will achieve it one person not based in the context of who they be and who you be is all about what you value people define their values and if I asked you what you value or anybody they’re like success love happiness wealth but they say that that’s what they want their values to be but that’s not what their values are

So you can ask somebody what their values are by asking them questions like if your house was about to burn down and you can only grab the three things what would you grab and what do they need to you where do you spend your money where do you spend your time who do you spend your time with and what do they do for you like reverse engineer what people’s values are by looking at their actual habits in the way they show up and if they sat in silence for an hour you know unless you’re a master meditator our minds are going to somewhere and so where does the mine go it goes to what you value.

A lot of times what we want and what we value are in conflict people want to be successful but they actually value comfort and laziness and significance and looking good looking like a success or the next thing being successful so that takes work so habits versus gold because those are the two things that you really want to dial in here at the end of the year and always working on your values always working on your character development because I love this phrase from Mr. Ralph Waldo Emerson he said who you are speaks so loudly people can’t even hear what you say so as you’re practicing those scripts as you’re sharing your goals you’ve got to dial this in you got to make sure that it’s an alignment because most people have incongruence in their life their words are here with their goals they say they’re going to do something their words are here but their actions are here or their habits their minds all over the place emotionally scattered but when your words your thoughts your actions are all in alignment you say what you mean what you say and your habits are in alignment with your goals that is key and things start to show up for you and start to open up for you.


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