Phenomenal Fitness Gyms at Home

If you can’t feel any sense of motivation to move that body, a home gym is probably what you need. Don’t worry if you don’t have a special dedicated room for your workouts. Even a corner or nook of your basement or garage is enough for most types of exercise.

Check out these phenomenal fitness gyms at home that is guaranteed to make you work up some sweat in no time:

Stay Motivated in Scandinavian-Inspired Workout Area

Transform your garage into a Scandinavian-inspired home gym. What used to be a dark space can be changed with white walls, stunning French doors and new flooring. Aside from your workout equipment, you can even add a personal fridge where you can keep your drinks chilled. And if you really want to go all out, why not hang a crystal chandelier as a finishing touch?

Create a Modern Farmhouse Vibe to Stay Fit

Farmhouses can be quite charming and you can also create the same vibes they give right in the comforts of your own home. Cork flooring, vintage light fixtures and gorgeous millwork complete with sliding barn doors can give any room that homey farmhouse look and feel. What is even better is that this spot is not only perfect for workouts because you can even spend time reading your favorite book here.

Make It Bright Even without Windows

While it is nice to have a relaxing view from your home gym, you can also revamp a windowless room into an airy and fresh workout zone. Floor to ceiling mirrors, white shiplap walls and recessed LED lighting can keep everything feel bright. You can also add interlocking foam mats that can protect the floors while acting as design elements at the same time.

Designer Workout Space

Turn your boring extra room to a home gym that will surely inspire you to break some sweat. Make it more workout worthy by painting the walls with ombre stripes. Use interlocking rubber tiles to cover the carpet. You can also add some budget-friendly gym lockers for storage. A custom wall art and bench can top things off.

Break a Sweat in the Attic

Remove all those items gathering dust in your attic and use this as your home gym instead. Even an unfinished attic can be turned into an airy and open fitness room. You can use this space as your own quiet space from other parts of your home and even practice yoga and meditation here.

Accessory Dwelling Unit

If your backyard is spacious but there is insufficient square footage in your house where you can add a home gym, you can install an accessory dwelling to have an additional room that will house your workout equipment.

Opt for a Rustic Feel

Architectural details can add lots of old-time character to your home gym. Exposed beams and brick walls are the perfect epitome of rustic style. You can also place vibration mats below your exercise equipment to protect the wooden floor.

These phenomenal fitness gyms at home are just what you need to get the inspiration and motivation you need to start working out in no time!

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