Coronavirus Pandemic | The Sky is Clearing – An Inspirational Film

Coronavirus Pandemic

An Inspirational Film | Coronavirus Pandemic

The World is now rebooting for Coronavirus pandemic situation. For these Novel Coronavirus over 17,000 people have died till now from all over the World. The most effected countries are China, Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Iran, France and many more.

Government are locking down the cities to break the chain for virus spreading. Behind this tough time and negativity there are some positive aspect – The earth is rebooting, the Sky is clearing. We are learning to co-exist. The pollution is reducing from all over the World.

People are practicing hygiene, keep cleaning their surroundings. Let’s continue these good things, let’s give it back to the planet as a fresh start, let’s hope, love and care for each other and for the planet.

“Yes, there is sickness, but there does
not have to be a disease of the soul.”

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