Motivational Speech Compilation – 1
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Motivational Speech Compilation

I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth and then I ask myself the same question as Mark Twain put it the secret of getting ahead is getting started and that’s where people get stuck you’re literally like the bird you could fly anywhere you want you can go anywhere you want to go and look I know you’ve got a litany of excuses and all of them are valid you’ve got a job you can’t just leave well you don’t have a job and you don’t have the money your family is in one place it’s the only thing that you’ve ever known you only speak one language.

You’ve never traveled before you don’t have a passport you can’t afford the gas money there are a thousand real reasons not to go but the truth is that none of them matter the truth is if you want to build something in your life that you have to remember what Mark Twain said you have to get started because at the end of the day that is literally the only thing that’s holding you back you’re not moving

Once you get the simplicity of that once you understand that you could act right now you could say all the excuses you making them you could stop giving in to them no matter how valid they are no matter how real they may seem you can finally decide that you’re going to get a permit that you’re gonna create that momentum that you’re going to take a step that you’re going to make the demand that you create momentum that you get something done but you find an answer.

Hannibal said that you’re going to find the way or make one if you have to carve through trucking rock do it because human before you have done it and that’s a simple truth that is the simple truth and everything else is the weak voice in your mind holding you back and making you a less version of yourself so I ask you why doesn’t the bird fly wherever it wants to go because that’s all it’s known because that’s what’s safe because that’s what’s comfortable or because it’s a dumb animal what do you want to be if this isn’t the life you want to live do something about it.

Bruce Lee said knowledge will give you power but character will give you respect and at the end of the day, I really can’t think of anything better than that I can’t think of anything that will keep me company when I’m alone when there’s nothing but silence around when all I can hear the sounds of my own thoughts the only thing that is going to bring me or you comfort is respecting this self-love is knowing who you are really and knowing that you’re true to that even when nobody’s looking.

Concept that notion of having a guiding light of principle something by which you steer by that you are always true to and then in your moments of stress chaos confusion of them desire that in your moments of deepest desire that you’re still true to that that all you think about is that Norstar of being that person that you want to be when you let that be your guiding light when you stay true to that nothing can hurt you because nothing will be able to make you feel bad about yourself because once you know who you are and you’re true to it nothing else matters.


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